• Websites design
    Websites design
    A website is the showcase that any company needs, regardless of the company's online strategy. It is the letter of introduction to potential new clients and must perfectly convey the value that the company provides.
  • Custom applications
    Custom applications
    There is a wide range of business applications, both general and vertical. However, it is difficult to find the solution that meets the needs of our company and we end up adapting our way of working to the way the application works.
  • Software selection
    Software selection
    There is currently a wide range of IT solutions for companies. We find from almost free online applications to powerful and complex management programs with high licensing and implementation costs. So what is the best solution for my business?
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
    Business Intelligence (BI)
    Data is a valuable resource for companies. They provide very important objective information to control the company and improve decision making.
  • ATEMA dirige el Postgrado de Gestión Estratégica de la Clínica Dental de la SCOE
    ATEMA dirige el Postgrado de Gestión Estratégica de la Clínica Dental de la SCOE
    Cuando un dentista gestiona una clínica dental pasa a ser además empresario. Esta faceta adicional supone todo un reto porque requiere tener unos conocimientos y una experiencia que se escapan de la práctica odontológica.
  • Occupational Risk Protection
    Occupational Risk Protection
    Effectively. Also in a small business must avoid occupational hazards.
  • Financial management
    Financial management
    One manager is not enough. Companies need to have a complete financial management that solves both the day-to-day and the specific needs of investments or tax strategy.
  • Staff pick
    Staff pick
    Having the right staff is one of the most important needs that a company has.
  • Effective meetings with staff.
    Effective meetings with staff.
    You will be surprised the result of good meetings with your team.
  • Can I make money with taxes?
    Can I make money with taxes?
    Yes. A good tax planning can allow an interesting savings.
  • Can we save on material purchases?
    Can we save on material purchases?
    Management stock purchases and deserve special attention
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