Check the status of your company

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With this analysis you are about to start get a picture of how your business. You will see what is going well and what could be improved.
The questions are structured in 3 areas:
  • Economic and financial.
  • Organization and management team.
  • Marketing and Sales.
The answers to these questions will give us a view of your business from all angles.

We hope you find it useful.
Marketing and Sales area
This last point is exploring ways to convey the image of the company and how increase efficiency of commercial activities
Do you plan marketing actions adapted to the environment and aligned with your company's strategy?
Do you know the image that customers have of your company?
Do you know your competition in detail and how to differentiate yourself from it?
Do you know your potential customers and what are their needs?
Do you know what message and what is the most efficient channel for your business?
Do you realize proactive actions to attract new customers?
Do you know the result of these actions?
Do you do a commercial track of the propositions that your company prepares?
Do you know the reasons why a potential customer does not end up hiring services?
Do you get your customers recommend your services?
Organization and Team Management Area
This section will review how your company team is organized and managed.
Are you sure that you control all areas of your business?
Do you have clear and written definition of the procedures, functions and responsibilities in your company?
Do you conduct internal audits to verify compliance with procedures and detect improvements?
Do you know the bottlenecks and critical actions in the operation of your company?
Do you make effective planning of people and material resources according to expected demand?
Do you have to do your collaborators' tasks in orther to get them done?
Your team is motivated and aligned with your company values?
Is your team trained and oriented to the customer service?
Are you proactively encouraging coordination and teamwork?
Do you apply a variable wage policy according to the performance of each worker?
Financial Area
In this section important aspects of economic and fiscal management of your company are analyzed.
Do you know what was the real benefit of your company last year?
Do you know how varied the turnover last year?
Do you know what percentage each product line represents in total billing?
Do you know in detail the expenses of your company?
Do you know the specific margin of each product or service?
Do you use financial information such as the P&L or the balance sheet in the daily management of your compa
Do you have cash forecasts to plan your payments with ease?
Do you conduct short-term and long-term financial risk analysis such as unexpected losses or lack of liquidity?
Do you have an efficient planning of the payment of your taxes?
Do you know what could be the best way to finance your business?
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