Software selection

Indeed, choosing a management software is not at all easy. Also, if we have not done an in-depth study of the alternatives, we may find that the choice has not been entirely right when we have already invested a lot of time and money.

For this reason we propose to make a prior analysis of the needs of each company: We review the critical procedures and the current way of working, we talk to the heads of department to detect needs, we analyze the technical requirements with the people of systems. With all the information gathered we will be able to make an objective choice to ensure the success of the selection.

When selecting an application, we must take into account multiple criteria:
- Functionality. Does it really do what I need and in the least disruptive way possible?
- Usability. Is the application intuitive or does it require a long learning curve?
- Migration. Is it contemplated and is it easy to integrate historical information?
- Integration. Can the application interact with other company systems or processes?
- Support. Is after-sales service agile and efficient?
- Cost of licenses, implementation and maintenance
- Solvency. Will the chosen provider accompany me in my needs in the future?

Finally, we collaborate with your company in the implementation phases to ensure a successful start-up.
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