Occupational Risk Protection

Today the company has gone through technical protection of occupational hazards, but as the agenda is full, the receptionist has treated him. The quick meeting was held standing in the same reception and consisted of a monologue technician, a strange terminology and left some papers to sign and to meet some performances. Papers that are not going to read and performances that are not going to carry out. For all these administrative issues are made to complicate things.

However, they have much more important than we think.

What if a short circuit occurs in the clinic? Do I know where the extinguishers are and how to use them? The company has stairs, but I thought about the risk that a patient stumble and fall? Do I have any protocol of how to proceed in these cases? And if a patient has complications during surgery, I have the team prepared to act quickly, who to call and how to react?

In 1995 the law of Occupational Health and Safety affects all companies produced, and aims to promote the safety and health of workers. Ultimately, it comes to implementing the measures and develop the necessary activities to prevent work-related risks.

Although occupational risks of a company can be reduced and very easy to identify not therefore be ignored. The role of technical prevention of occupational risks is to identify these issues and advise on prevention measures. Suffice it to have a detailed protocol, an identification of how to act in case of emergency and to identify those who are responsible for it. It will also address training to all staff and to raise awareness of the need for knowledge.

It is very important to have these protocols, to know them and to have the entire organization concienciada with them. They should be performed first aid courses regularly over time to act in cases of necessity.
It is essential to know how to act in these cases and not improvise. Labor inspection request and review this information. In case of accident or incident, insurance companies react differently as being in compliance in this regard or not. COMPLY WITH SMALL PRINT CAN SAVE BIG DIGUSTOS.

We must give technical prevention of occupational hazards the time to jointly develop and implement the protocol. If you do not have time for it, you should look for someone trusted to act as our representative.

In ATEMA we are at your service to accompany you in this process, represent and help prevent all kinds of occupational hazards.
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