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For your company
We design and manage integral solutions
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We help you
to make your company go better
  • Increases efficiency
    Increases efficiency
    People / Processes / Organization
  • Increase your income
    Increase your income
    Customer acquisition and loyalty
  • Control your finances
    Control your finances
    Investments / Expenses / Taxes
We are experts
in what can be difficult for you
  • Organization and Training
    Organization and Training
    We analyze the operation of your company. We define efficient procedures and we help you create a coordinated, motivated and trained team.
  • Technology and Digital Transformation
    Technology and Digital Transformation
    We accompany you in the development, implementation or selection of computer solutions that make your day to day easier.
  • Strategy of Marketing and Sales
    Strategy of Marketing and Sales
    Improve the positioning of your company in the market with the aim of increasing sales.
  • Finance and Taxation
    Finance and Taxation
    We help you to manage your company by providing information to plan the treasury and taxes and to increase profits.
How do we do it
With Experience, Professionalism and Confidence
  • Analysis
    We objectively study the global situation and evolution of your company.
    Only this precise analysis can decide and plan appropriate action.
  • Advisory
    From the previous detailed analysis we design a concrete, workable and effective action plan that allows you to achieve all the objectives required in your company.
  • Collaboration
    In addition to proposing an action plan, we actively participate in its implementation.
    We work together with your company staff, reporting regularly to Management.
  • Training
    We provide your team the necessary training to ensure the successful implementation of the improvement actions and assure the level of quality that your customers deserve.
Atema works !!
Our customers opinion
  • Thanks to ATEMA CONSULTING we are much more efficient. In addition, we have increased revenues by implementing the marketing actions they suggested.
    Anna Fortuny - Fortuny i Soler Insurance Broking - Mollet del Valles.
  • I am very pleased with the decision to incorporate CONSULTING ATEMA to our team. It is an indispensable business support for our organization. Now I sleep well knowing that the company is well managed.
    Carme Casaus (Clínica Dra. Casaus - El Prat)
  • The support in marketing activities allowed me to begin and grow in such a competitive market
    Marisol Ares (Óptica Ares - Barcelona)
  • Their marketing actions were a point of inflection in a difficult crisis time for us. We got new customers and we began to grow again.
    Yolanda Escudero (CONTILAN - Granollers)
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